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Off grid hydrogen fuel cell for the construction industry

Intelligent Energy, a fuel cell engineering company, and TCP, an innovator of hydrogen fuel cell products, have jointly unveiled the ECO GH2, a new zero emission hydrogen fuel cell power product aimed specifically at the construction industry. This new technology will be used to provide silent, zero emission power. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Distributed Generation: Minigrid Microgrid Zero Emission 2018-2038.
Intelligent Energy announced a strategic partnership with UK based TCP in late 2017 to integrate, test and evaluate new products for the construction industry. The first product from this collaboration is the ECO GH2 which provides an off-grid, zero emission power solution. The unit, fuelled by hydrogen, uses an Intelligent Energy 801 Fuel Cell Module (FCM) to produce a DC generator, which is capable of a maximum output of 1kW. The ECO GH2 can be used with DC power loads or with a TCP inverter power pack to produce an off-grid generator unit up to 5kW for power tools, accessories and welfare units.
The construction industry has come under increasing pressure in recent years to look at ways to reduce its carbon footprint, environmental and neighbourhood noise and risk of oil or diesel spillages. Products like the ECO GH2 will help achieve this.
Powered by Intelligent Energy's Air Cooled fuel cells, the ECO GH2 is zero emission at point of delivery and has near silent operation, an advantage for night-time work and for operating in urban areas, particularly where noisy diesel generators disturb residents and businesses. The product is lightweight, easy to carry and operate, can be used in enclosed ventilated spaces and there are no liquid fuels.
Intelligent Energy's FCMs provide further benefits that make them a versatile solution for the construction industry, including compact and robust design, lower life-cycle cost than standby diesel generators, and minimal service requirements (simple air filter replacement).
Alistair Ball, Interim CEO at Intelligent Energy, said: "Change is taking place in the construction industry as a growing number of businesses understand the need to transition to a cleaner way of working. Our fuel cell products could have a marked impact for the construction industry in addressing issues around ambient noise, air quality and climate change. Our FCMs have been developed to be a viable, more responsible alternative to diesel generators and can be deployed to deliver power for a wide range of applications working in both urban and non-urban areas."
Andrew Barker, Managing Director at Taylor Construction Plant, commented: "By integrating Intelligent Energy's 801 Fuel Cell Module with our product design we have produced a fully functional DC generator which can be used for multiple applications. The unit is also a vital component to our new LGP inverter power pack, together they provide an output of 5KW and are an invaluable resource for the construction industry in its bid to achieve zero emissions."
Intelligent Energy's PEM fuel cell products run on hydrogen and ambient air to produce clean power in a simple, cost effective, robust and compact package.
Source: Intelligent Energy
Top image: Taylor Construction Plant
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