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TeraWatt Technology battery prototype achieves 432Wh/kg (1122Wh/L)

TeraWatt Technology, provider of very high energy density Li-ion solid-state battery solution beyond 500Wh/kg and 1400Wh/L, has announced that its 4.5Ah prototype solid-state battery design achieved a record-breaking energy density of 432Wh/kg (1122Wh/L) in validation tests conducted by third parties, including TOYO System based in Japan. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Li-ion Batteries 2018-2028.
TeraWatt says this 4.5Ah design, which is branded as TERA3.0, will be available for select early adopters in 2021 and for full release in 2022. The company continues to further iterate the TERA3.0, and is developing additional designs, including different cell formats, sizes and energy capacities.
SERES Senior Manager Ken Ogata said, "TERA3.0 is a significant step beyond the traditional lithium-ion solutions that have dominated for the past 30 years. Through our solid-state technologies, consumers will be enjoying longer-lasting, safer and more reliable devices sooner. Since TERA3.0 is designed for mass production using current lithium-ion production equipment, we can accelerate mass adoption without imposing a massive financial burden to manufacturers and consumers."
TeraA4.o is under development, a large cell with even higher energy density (>500Wh/kg and >1450Wh/L) for EVs and other larger electrified applications.
Source and top image: TraWatt Technology
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