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ADS-TEC Battery Storage Solutions and Fast Charging Systems

ADS-TEC Energy develops and produces professional battery storage solutions that include energy management systems under the "StoraXe" label. The modular design offers almost unlimited scaling possibilities. ADS-TEC also develops smart solutions for the increasing challenges created by the rapid growth of the electric mobility industry. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage 2019-2029.
StoraXe battery storage solutions - scalable storage systems for every application
Battery solutions are an important building block in the energy system of our future. They store renewable energies, such as wind or solar energy, and make them available for use at a later date.
For private houses, public institutions, commercial enterprises and industrial and infrastructure solutions, as well as for self-sufficient energy supplies, battery systems fulfil important functions, such as the optimisation of personal consumption, the equalisation of load peaks or a microgrid power supply. By providing a high level of electrical power and fast response times, they also contribute to grid stability.
Storage products from ADS-TEC Energy's "Home & Small Business" range are designed for apartment buildings, businesses, industry and public institutions. The product portfolio includes closed-cabinet systems with 19-66 kilowatt hours, which can be quickly put into operation and integrated into the building installation as plug-and-play systems. ADS-TEC's Energy Apps, which can be used to combine internal consumption optimisation, peak load capping and, in future, emergency power as required, are included as standard elements.
The storage solutions from the "Industrial & Infrastructure" range cover bandwidths of between 50 kilowatt hours and several megawatt hours and are used primarily for tasks such as peak load capping, load management, control energy, emergency power applications and in combination with wind or larger PV systems. Redefined battery system packages reduce the complexity of the configuration. This makes it easy for users without extensive expertise to make a selection.
For large-scale applications, ADS-TEC supplies customised turnkey solutions in 20-foot or 40-foot containers or as a shelf version for existing buildings and ensures seamless integration at the customer's site, depending on customer requirements.
The modular design and the comprehensive IT management system provide almost unlimited options in terms of scalability. High-quality battery cells from the industrial sector ensure the highest performance and low capacity losses during the lifetime of the batteries. In addition, ADS-TEC customers appreciate the option of being able to design a warranty system based on special IT tools for maximum flexibility in operation.
"High Power Charging" - fast charging system in a power-limited distribution network
The growing number of electric cars on the roads creates demand for the corresponding charging infrastructure. In order to get to the desired destination with the degree of security which people are accustomed to, charging must be possible everywhere and, above all, it needs to take place quickly. Range and charging speed are still considered to be some major weaknesses of electric mobility.
The HPC fast charging solution enables the provision of up to 320 kW charging power for e-vehicles, with the possibility of connecting up to two charging points per storage system. During the charging process, the energy storage device is already being recharged with low power at the available grid connection point. If required, it provides the energy which has previously been charged to the electric car in the shortest possible time and can thus massively reduce the charging time. Furthermore, the storage systems help to relieve the load on the power grid and complex medium-voltage systems or expensive grid expansions can be avoided at the same time. The storage-based fast charging system consists of an extremely compressed cube-shaped storage system, the "HPC Booster", plus one or two charging columns, the "HPC Dispensers". The fast charging solution with a capacity of 140 kilowatt hours is a complete system including converter, control technology and temperature control with a footprint of less than 1.5 square metres and a permanent capacity of 320 kilowatts.
"PowerBooster" mini container system
ADS-TEC offers another solution that can be integrated quickly with its compact "PowerBooster" outdoor battery system with a capacity of 120 to 240 kilowatt hours. It also delivers high performance to fast charging stations while being recharged at low power at the available grid connection point. Again, complex medium-voltage systems, construction subsidies or expensive grid expansion can be avoided. As a grid storage unit and residential solution, the PowerBooster can be installed almost anywhere, even outdoors, and connected to the 400-volt distribution grid. Many grid-related functions, such as voltage stability, frequency control, reactive power supply or peak capping, are possible. Energy providers and local grid operators are already successfully using the PowerBooster on temporarily overloaded distribution grids by volatile producers and consumers, such as PV installations and e- vehicles.
Added value through the "Big-LinX® Energy" Cloud platform by ADS-TEC
The special energy density and consistently high performance of all ADS-TEC storage systems result in extensive physical usage possibilities. The individual storage systems can be operated in a connected manner, in a swarm, for example. Worldwide distributed storage systems can be connected online via the "Big-LinX Energy" IoT platform. The in-house energy management tools enable monitoring, remote maintenance or data analysis during operation and provide many options for future business models and integrations.
ADS-TEC - Technology for Professionals - 100% Made in Germany
ADS-TEC Energy GmbH is a company of ADS-TEC group, and is part-owned by BOSCH. The medium- sized, family-run business is headquartered in Nuertingen near Stuttgart, with a production site near Dresden.
ADS-TEC Energy GmbH is drawing on its decades of experience with lithium-ion technologies to produce battery storage solutions and fast charging systems, including the corresponding energy management systems. The technology can be used in private homes, public buildings and commercial enterprises, with solutions starting at a storage capacity of 19 kilowatt-hours. The scalable battery storage systems enable industrial and infrastructure solutions as well as self-sufficient energy supply systems with capacities of up to several megawatts. Its new fast charging technology for electric vehicles is truly ground-breaking, and features a unique compact design.
An exceptional high integration depth enables high quality and functionality of the produced battery technology. Apart from the cells, all our components are developed and produced in-house.
The CEO of ADS-TEC Holding GmbH, Thomas Speidel, is also Managing Director of ADS-TEC Energy GmbH and President of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES) e.V., based in Berlin. Through its involvement in government-funded projects across Germany at both national and regional level, ADS-TEC maintains close relations with companies and research institutions throughout the entire value chain.
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