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Grid Stability Delivered by Aggreko

Aggreko, the world's leading provider of mobile and modular power solutions, announces that it has completed the installation and commissioning of Pedernales Electric Cooperative's (PEC) first-ever battery energy storage system: a 2.25 MW / 4.5 MWh project in Johnson City, Texas.
The battery system is connected to the grid via Aggreko's proprietary power electronic converters and is managed by the company's intelligent software and controls system to provide market-based regulation services to Texas grid operator ERCOT. PEC, the largest electric cooperative in the U.S., will assess the results of this installation to determine the potential for additional battery installations. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage 2019-2029.
"We are pleased to work with PEC and successfully deploy this modular and scalable battery system," said Sriram Sarma Emani, Vice President of Operations at Aggreko Microgrid and Storage Solutions. "This represents one of a wide range of renewable energy-related solutions that Aggreko offers, from hybrid microgrids to solar-plus-storage packages to large-scale grid emulation services for solar and wind farm commissioning. Having completed a number of storage, microgrid and renewables projects in the ERCOT market, we are proud to add this system to our portfolio of energy services within the U.S."
"Aggreko's technology will assist PEC in the management of the statewide grid, while providing our customers with a more reliable and affordable source of energy," said PEC CEO Julie C. Parsley.
While this energy storage system is the first for Aggreko with an electric cooperative in the dynamic Texas energy storage market, this is Aggreko's sixth battery project in the state of Texas, where the company has long been a leader. Those systems include the 36 MW Notrees project, North America's largest wind-integrated battery plant. The company also offers a wide range of mobile and modular systems, including battery plants, for temporary power or energy services on an as-a-service basis.
About Pedernales Electric Cooperative
Founded in 1938 by then-Congressman Lyndon B. Johnson, PEC is a member-owned electric cooperative serving more than 320,000 accounts across Central Texas. An industry-recognized leader providing outstanding member service and reliable electricity, PEC conducts its business via a transparent and democratic process and highly encourages member participation. Learn more at External Link.
About Aggreko
Aggreko is a world-leading provider of mobile modular power, temperature control and energy services. We are working at the forefront of a rapidly changing energy market and are focused on solving our customers' challenges to provide cost-effective, flexible and greener solutions across the globe. We harness innovation that helps us maintain a global reach and supply portable equipment for a wide range of uses. From unique commercial industrial projects, through to utility provision and humanitarian emergencies, we bring expertise and equipment to any location, from the world's busiest cities to its most remote places. Aggreko specializes in serving eight key sectors: Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Mining, Petrochemicals & Refining, Business Services & Construction, Events, Data Centers and Utilities.
Across these, our equipment offers maximum fuel flexibility, using gas, diesel (including HFO), and renewable fuel sources. We offer microgrid and storage solutions and are developing our offer to include more tools to help our customers adapt to the energy transition the world is experiencing. What makes us unique is our extensive expertise, experience and values. This means we put our customers first, innovate and deliver leaner and more efficient equipment quickly. Since 1962, Aggreko has grown from a small local business to a global energy pioneer. We have more than 6,000 employees, operating in around 79 countries. With revenues of approximately GBP 1.6bn (USD 2.0 bn or Euros 1.8bn) in 2019, we are listed on the London Stock Exchange (AGK.L) and headquartered in Scotland. Aggreko draws together global expertise and technology development to go further for customers. The ability to provide power, heating and cooling will continue to open up opportunity and create potential for individuals, communities, industries and societies all over the world. Together and over time, we believe our services will make a massive difference.
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Source: Aggreko
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