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aNIR-Battery Electrode Processing - Game Changer in Battery Production

adphos Thermal Processing GmbH (ATP), a specialist in drying and surface processing, has developed a new drying solution for anode and cathode water based and solvent based coatings.
The "aNIR-Battery Electrode Processing" allows a complete electrode coating drying, ten times faster and with only a fraction of drying power, down to 10 % of the present standard convection based drying solutions. Based on the company own development advanced NIR (aNIR)-platform technology, with the propriety "aNIR-Battery Electrode Processing", an electrode coating up to 150 µm thickness can be dried in ≤ 2 s and for a coating thickness up to 400 µm ≤ 5 s is only required. Here it has to be explicitly addressed that the todays widely experienced limitations at accelerated drying rates, especially observed with infrared and laser-based heating/drying systems are not given with "aNIR-Battery Electrode Processing", due to avoidance of cracking or resulting binder migration induced low coatings adhesion to the electrode substrates. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Materials for Electric Vehicle Battery Cells and Packs 2021-2031.
In addition the "aNIR-Battery Electrode Processing" enables adapted and optimized to the specific solvent based coatings, a volume and therefore energy reduced final solvent treatment. Even an integration of aNIR-based booster configurations in existing battery electrode drying facilities can improve productivity and upgrade to higher coating thicknesses!
With "aNIR-Battery electrode processing" a new milestone of battery manufacturing due to higher capacity, higher productivity, lesser drying energy requirements and strong reduced solvent treatment costs is reached - a game changer for the Li-Ion battery!
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adphos Thermal Processing GmbH Bruckmühler Str. 27 83052 Bruckmühl External Link
Source: adphos Thermal Processing GmbH
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