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420MWh of Grid Balancing Battery Storage in Taiwan

420MWh of Grid Balancing Battery Storage in Taiwan
New Horizons Ahead (NHOA) is pleased to announce that TCC, a pre-eminent Asian industrial group - NHOA's majority shareholder - leading the development of renewable energy and energy storage capacity in the region, has selected NHOA as technology supplier for boosting its green engagement with two landmark energy storage projects in Taiwan.
The two systems, for an aggregate capacity of c.160MW/420MWh, to be located at TCC SuAo cement plant and HePing industrial park, will be owned and operated by TCC Group to deliver ancillary services to the Taiwanese grid. This is expected to be the most important large-scale energy storage project performing the new range of frequency support services introduced by the transmission system operator Taiwan Power Corporation. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage 2021-2031.
The systems will be part of one of the most advanced and challenging ancillary service schemes worldwide, overlapping different services such as frequency regulation and load-shifting, thanks to NHOA's unique core technologies and intellectual property, including notably its "Prophet" Energy Management System.
Nelson Chang, Chairman of TCC and NHOA, said "In the wake of COP26, the future of our world depends on actions on green energy and carbon reduction. And green energy depends on storage. This is a great example of effective and proactive cooperation between Europe and Asia to deploy large scale energy storage systems to support energy carbon reduction."
"These are NHOA's first large-scale systems in Asia and add to the recent Australian project confirming the pre-eminence of our technology in Asia Pacific, a region which represents now almost 50% of our 1.3GWh of projects under development globally, and the backbone of our 2022 and 2023 results" commented Carlalberto Guglielminotti, CEO of NHOA Group.
"We are grateful and proud to work with TCC in the implementation of these landmark projects, contributing to position Taiwan at the forefront of the energy transition in Asia" commented Giuseppe Artizzu, CEO of NHOA Energy and NHOA Group General Manager.
Source and top image: New Horizons Ahead (NHOA
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