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Ocean Battery Stores Renewable Energy on the Sea Bed

Ocean Battery Stores Renewable Energy on the Sea Bed
Ocean Grazer has launched an energy storage solution: Ocean Battery. Ocean Grazer, a spin-off of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, offers a simple solution based on existing technology, enhancing marine life along the way.
The Ocean Battery is an energy storage solution for offshore wind farms installed at the seabed at the source of power generation. It provides utilities storage capacity that is infinitely scalable to gigawatt hours scale. It is efficient, has low maintenance costs and is designed with a sustainable planet in mind and enhances marine life.
Ocean Battery is based on hydro dam technology that can be deployed at the source of power generation. Excess wind power is routed towards the Ocean Battery that pumps water from its underground reservoirs into the flexible bladders installed at the seabed. Whenever there is a demand for power water is routed through hydro turbines to generate electricity back into the underground reservoirs. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Potential Stationary Energy Storage Technologies to Monitor.
According to the company, the transition towards renewable power generation is a huge challenge and power production will soon be dictated by the weather conditions and no longer will be available on demand. Peaks in renewable power production are already resulting in negative energy prices and potentially even blackouts. Fast-growing offshore wind power production results in an exponential demand for large scale energy storage. Ocean Grazer steps into this opportunity and delivers a solution.
One of the key success factors is that the Ocean Battery significantly reduces the capital expenditure of offshore power generation with a return on investment of 8 - 10 years. Ocean Grazer has developed a strategy to develop their patented technology with local partners around the globe, building the battery on site and creating local jobs.
The first commercial demonstrators are currently under development where the ocean battery will stabilize the power system and provide black start power whenever a blackout occurs.
Source and top image: Ocean Grazer
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