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Imprint Energy Joins Growing Zinc Battery Initiative

Imprint Energy Joins Growing Zinc Battery Initiative
Zinc Battery Initiative (ZBI), the voice of the zinc battery industry, welcomes Imprint Energy to its new and rapidly expanding membership of rechargeable zinc battery manufacturers. Imprint Energy develops safe, environmentally friendly batteries for smart labels and tags, medical patches, pill bottle trackers and medicine-delivery pens.
Imprint Energy marks the tenth zinc battery developer to join ZBI, a Durham-based trade association formed in late 2020. ZBI promotes the technologies and innovations behind sustainable, recyclable and energy-efficient rechargeable zinc batteries. Members produce zinc batteries for a variety of applications from powering naval submarines and electric vehicles to providing backup power for microgrids, homes, traffic signals and data centers. ZBI champions the further adoption of high-performance, rechargeable zinc battery products. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Advanced Li-ion and Beyond Lithium Batteries 2022-2032: Technologies, Players, Trends, Markets.
"ZBI is thrilled to welcome Imprint Energy to our growing membership. Imprint's green, thin and small zinc batteries make a big difference for our environment, smart labels and the Internet of Things (IoT.) The impact of Imprint's technological advances is huge for the tracing and tracking of food and beverage products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other high value assets," said Dr. Josef Daniel-Ivad, Manager of the Zinc Battery Initiative. "Zinc batteries will play an essential role in driving the transition to net zero emissions. In the case of Imprint, their zinc batteries are going to dramatically reduce waste that happens during shipping by allowing them to track the temperature, humidity and the location of a shipment."
Konstantin Tikhonov, Vice President of Research and Development of Imprint Energy added, "Joining ZBI is important for us. As a high growth company, we appreciate this fantastic opportunity to share with the global battery community the manufacturing perspective of game changing small, green and ultrathin zinc batteries in the push for larger representation of zinc in the battery market. We also are excited to discuss the applications of our batteries in new IoT applications, especially cold chain and asset tracking."
Both ZBI's and Imprint Energy's core values align in their shared mission of sustainability and protecting the environment. Rechargeable zinc batteries are recyclable, in addition to zinc being an abundant resource.
Other members of ZBI include some of the leading companies in the zinc battery sector, including ZincFive, Zinc8, Salient Energy, Urban Electric Power, e-Zinc, Redflow, Enzinc, Enerpoly, ZAF Energy Systems, and AEsir Technologies, Inc.
For more information on the Zinc Battery Initiative, please visit www.zincbatteryinitiative.comof the environment, open engagement on sustainability:
About Imprint Energy
Imprint Energy has developed a new generation of Internet of Things: green, sustainable, batteries and smart labels, used for global track and trace solutions in the pharmaceutical, medical device, food, and beverage industries. This ultrathin, flexible, printed zinc battery technology possesses higher energy density and is much safer than lithium-based products.
About Zinc Battery Initiative
The Zinc Battery Initiative (ZBI) is a program of the International Zinc Association. ZBI was formed in 2020 to promote the further adoption of rechargeable zinc battery products. ZBI members are leading companies in the industry; each has its own proprietary technology but shares a common base of zinc.
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