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GenCell Energy Collaborates with Milani S.p.A.

GenCell Energy Collaborates with Milani S.p.A.
GenCell Energy, provider of hydrogen and ammonia to power fuel cell solutions, is proud to announce entering a market cooperation with Milani S.p.A., a leading Italian provider of electrical and ELV systems engineering, installation and maintenance for European commercial and industrial (C&I) assets. The partners have joined forces to maximize market penetration of GenCell's zero-emission hydrogen-to-power and ammonia-to-power alkaline fuel cell technologies to power critical applications in C&I buildings throughout Italy and across Europe.
A flexible system integrator in the electrical and building automation space, Milani has accumulated extensive experience working with hydrogen and influential reference customers. Milani has successfully deployed its first GenCell BOX long-duration backup power system at its corporate headquarters at the outskirts of Milan to demonstrate to C&I customers how complementary solutions integrating GenCell and Milani technologies deliver maximum building decarbonization.
"In alignment with our 360° solution strategy incorporating efficient, energy-saving plants, Li-ion battery storage technology, IoT solutions, advanced BMS software and innovative security access control systems, and in compliance with environmental, social and governmental (ESG) regulations and policies that are becoming increasingly strict in cities across Europe, we have made a strategic decision to incorporate GenCell's innovative, zero-emission fuel cell technologies into our solution portfolio to deliver resilient, sustainable decarbonization systems to our C&I customers and to significantly grow our joint install base," comments Oreste Milani CEO, Milani S.p.A. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles 2022-2042.
"We are extremely encouraged by the interest and cooperation we are receiving from the proficient and experienced energy engineers at Milani," comments Rami Reshef, CEO GenCell. "With deep knowledge of European design and engineering preferences, culture and market trends and a proactive 360◦ approach to customers and designers that combines business initiative and creativity with tested, certified methods and practices - we believe that Milani has the "X factor" that GenCell invests in all our solutions and programs to go the extra mile; together we will successfully drive urban decarbonization across European cities to advance our shared carbon neutrality objectives."
About Milani S.p.A.
Since 1964, Milani S.p.A. provides engineering, installation and maintenance of electrical and ELV systems, with customised solutions and by using a proactive approach toward customers and designers. With a heritage of 50+ years of experience and a mission to always offer maximum satisfaction to its customers, Milani offers its customers a tested method that combines high flexibility with a 360° approach for every project. These are the distinguishing features of a customer service which is developed, step by step, from the engineering phase to the conclusion of works, guaranteeing at all times rapid and efficient maintenance controls. Following a certification process started in 1998, in 2004 the company relocated to its current headquarters on the outskirts of Milan. As a consequence of a contraction of the construction industry, from 2011 Milani has diversified its strategy, approaching the alternative energy sector and looking at foreign markets as a potential development vehicle.
About GenCell Energy
GenCell Energy develops total green power solutions based on reliable, zero-emission alkaline fuel cells and green ammonia-to-energy technology which deliver uninterrupted power to help the world #SayNoToDiesel and transition to clean energy. The ability to produce not only clean power from GenCell's fuel cells, but also the green fuel on which the fuel cells run, sets GenCell in a far superior position as a well-to-wheel total green energy solution provider. GenCell delivers resilient, robust and weather-resistant backup power for utilities, telecom and other mission-critical applications which have been deployed in 22 countries. Our hydrogen-on-demand solution provides primary power for off-grid and poor-grid sites, as well as for rural electrification. GenCell Energy numbers more than 130 employees, including veterans of space and submarine projects. The Company is headquartered in Israel with a worldwide distribution and support network and retains unique intellectual property that includes patents, trade secrets and know-how.
Source and top image: Babel PR
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