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A new battle of the currents takes center stage

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This coming November 14-15 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, leading players in the battery and energy storage industry will compete to capture the audience's attention over what technology is set to dominate in the coming decade.
In the heart of the Silicon Valley, technology consulting company IDTechEx has put together an impressive line-up of speakers from various parts of the energy storage value chain to highlight all the new developments in terms of battery manufacturing, advanced active and inactive materials, novel battery chemistries, and tech solutions promoted by both early-stage start-ups and established corporations from around the globe.
On November 14, the Energy Storage Innovations conference will start with keynote presentations from San Francisco-based EV company SF Motors, which will give an overview of the innovations carried out by their engineering team in terms of automotive battery packs; Japanese corporation NGK Insulators will then shift the conference focus to small-scale IoT devices and the company's solutions enabled by solid-state batteries; finally, a spokesperson from the California Clean Energy Fund will present on the financial and technical support that the Golden State gives to its enterprises when it comes to battery innovation.
Attendees will then have the opportunity to learn more about new developments in terms of battery manufacturing from companies like B&W Megtec, Soteria, EnerDel, Imprint Energy and Microvast, which will present innovative manufacturing methods to reduce the cost of electrodes, current collectors, and battery packs.
The final session of day one has been set up to dig deeper into the topic of advanced Li-ion batteries. Companies Enovix and Amprius will show what they have been working on over the last years to bring silicon anodes closer to commercialisation; while senior researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs will showcase what is happening in the R&D space of thin film silicon electrodes. Finally, company Silatronix will show the potential of silicon as electrolyte additive to extend battery life and improve safety.
On November 15, the conference programme will have a focus on beyond Li-ion, that is competing energy storage technologies that can capture interesting market niches. Energy Storage Innovations is one of the few battery events around the world to include dedicated sessions on supercapacitors and fuel cells. An impressive line-up has been put together to educate the audience on the topic of supercapacitors with speakers from ZapGo, market leader Nippon Chemicon, Kilowatt Labs, PO-Celltech and Nanoramic Laboratories. In the field of hydrogen storage, speakers from IDXIE, Intelligent Energy, TransPower, Enapter, and Cummins will explain why fuel cells are still alive and kicking, and where they offer competitive advantages with respect to Li-ion.
The afternoon session will move on to other forms of energy storage, like sodium-ion (Natron Energy), lithium-sulphur (Sion Power), zinc-air (EnZinc) and flexible batteries (Lionrock Batteries), as well as new forms of manufacturing pure silicon anodes (Leyden-Jar Technologies).
Finally, the day will end with a focus on battery packs, battery management systems and other ancillary components. Speakers from DfR Solutions, the University of Warwick, RWTH Aachen, and Electra Vehicles will present on prevention of thermal runaway, in-situ monitoring instrumentation, residential storage, and dual battery systems management.
In addition to the 2-day conference and exhibition, optional masterclass sessions will take place on 13 and 16 November, covering topics including Supercapacitors: Technologies, Players, Markets; Li-ion Batteries; and Batteries Beyond Li-ion.
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