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IDTechEx Energy Storage USA 2018 Award Winners

The award for Best Technical Development within Energy Storage was presented at the IDTechEx Show in Santa Clara last night. Out of a strong group of submissions, NGK Insulators were the winners with their entry on the EnerCera® project.
One of the judges commented: "NGK Insulators is bringing to market a long-awaited new battery solution for the Internet of Things as well as wearable devices. Making its batteries compatible with industrial manufacturing procedures like hot lamination will enable integration of EnerCera batteries into a whole new suite of tech gadgets and devices."
Collecting the award was Mr. Ohwada, General Manager-Project Leader, NGK Insulators: "It is a great honor to be chosen for the Best Technical Development Award within Energy Storage.
I greatly appreciate all members of the EnerCera Project. It is a great encouragement for further marketing activity of EnerCera® from now on."
NGK launched the EnerCera® project, a development program of the innovative battery for IoT device power supply, that makes use of advanced ceramics technology. They developed unique batteries, EnerCera® Coin and EnerCera® Pouch, which did not exist in the world.
EnerCera® Coin is the world first SOLDER REFLOW compatible Li-ion rechargeable battery: small and thin, with low resistance and enough power to operate ICs like a capacitor.
EnerCera® Pouch is the world first HOT LAMINATION compatible Li-ion rechargeable battery that can be embedded in a card. The unique features are small, thin, low resistance, enough power to operate ICs like a capacitor.
The production line with 1 Million units per month is getting ready and they will be on sale in Spring 2019.

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Posted on: November 15, 2018

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