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Best Technical Development Within Energy Storage Award

IDTechEx hosted their annual technology show in Berlin this week. Ending the first day was the award ceremony where IDTechEx recognise company development and success.
CEA Tech Leti were the winners of the Best Technical Development Within Energy Storage Award. Their project was on 'Microbatteries'
Martin Gallezot, Business Developer, CEA-Leti picked up the award and commented: "CEA-Leti's 100% solid state Lithium ion micro-batteries are manufactured using conventional MEMS production equipment. With typical sizes in the mm3 range, they safely operate within the µAh to mAh capacity. We are now working with industrial partners to ramp-up the volume production. Applications range from medical devices, smart textiles or autonomous sensors for industrial applications."
One of the judges, Dr Tazdin Amietszajew from Coventry University gave his reason for choosing this entry as the winner: "CEA Tech Leti have developed micro-batteries that can be used in medical applications or wearable electronics with impressive miniaturisation, while preserving good performance. They have managed to make them super-thin which is a difficult achievement."
The next Energy Storage Awards will take place in Santa Clara at the IDTechEx Show! USA - 20-21 November 2019:

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Posted on: April 11, 2019

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