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Join Our Upcoming Webinar on the Micro EVs Revolution

Webinar Title: The Micro EVs Revolution: Shaking Up Urban Transport Worldwide
Date: Thursday 9 February 2023
Presenter: Shazan Siddiqi - Technology Analyst, IDTechEx
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Micro EVs are small vehicles that can seamlessly navigate highly populated urban areas. Micro EVs are designed for short trips of only a few kilometres and generally travel at low speeds.
Electric two- and three-wheelers are the 'low hanging fruits', as these are used by the masses in India, China, and Southeast Asia for last-mile connectivity due to their low cost of operations. Urbanization in these countries has been, and is, increasing rapidly - a trend that is correlated to a rise in the demand for personal mobility and emergence of local e-commerce businesses. This leads to sales of electric two-wheelers for the individual and the use of three-wheelers as ride sharing or cargo delivery.
Microcars are an important piece of the puzzle as well. Offering more space, power and protection than two- and three-wheelers, these tiny vehicles come at an affordable price and are designed for an urban environment. Most car trips are short trips carrying just one person. Most of the energy is wasted on carrying the vehicle's own weight. Oversized vehicles are the root cause of urban congestion, pollution and wasted energy, material, and public space. As cities everywhere move toward a high-density, low speed, low impact model, it calls for a new type of personal vehicle to be created for people to conveniently get around in - this is where microcars are trying to fit in.
This webinar presented by Shazan Siddiqi, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, will cover the developments in global Micro EV markets. Based on IDTechEx's new report on "Micro EVs 2023-2043: Electric Two-Wheelers, Three-Wheelers, and Microcars" webinar attendees can expect to learn about the different Micro EV vehicle segments and regions showing strong adoption. The following aspects will be discussed in greater depth:
  • Drivers behind uptake of Micro EVs
  • Electric two-wheelers: major markets, players, and benchmarking
  • Electric three-wheelers: major markets, players, and benchmarking
  • Microcar characteristics
  • Battery chemistry trends

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Date: Thursday 9 February 2023
Duration: Approx. 30 Minutes
Webinar #1: Asia-Pacific
10:00am (UTC+8) Singapore, Taipei, Beijing
10:00am (UTC+8) Australian Western Standard Time
11:00am (UTC+9) Tokyo, Seoul
12:30pm (UTC+10.30) Australian Central Time
1:00pm (UTC+11) Australian Eastern Time
3:00pm (UTC+13) Auckland, New Zealand
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Webinar #2: Europe
10:00am (UTC) London
11:00am (UTC+1) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome
12:00noon (UTC+2) Athens, Jerusalem
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Webinar #3: Americas
9:00am (Pacific Time PT) USA & Canada
10:00am (Mountain MST) USA & Canada
11:00am (Central CST) USA & Canada
12:00noon (Eastern EST) USA & Canada
5:00pm (UTC) London
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