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Upcoming Webinar on Market Opportunities for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Webinar Title: Market Opportunities for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Date: Thursday 1 June 2023
Presenter: Dr Conor O'Brien - Technology Analyst, IDTechEx
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The solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) market is beginning to enter the growth phase, as the search for zero-emission stationary power generation continues - especially in the context of the much hyped 'hydrogen economy'. With diverse potential applications including utility-scale power generation and small off-grid residential units, the future landscape of the SOFC market is highly unlikely to consist of a single use case. IDTechEx forecast the SOFC market value to grow to US$6.8 billion by 2023, but which applications will drive the success of the SOFC industry?
The IDTechEx report "Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 2023-2033: Technology, Applications and Market Forecasts" covers the major application areas for solid oxide fuel cells, from high-power SOFC commercial and industrial applications to low-power SOFC residential and off-grid opportunities. Key application areas are beginning to emerge, with a notable example being utility-scale power generation; partnerships have begun to be established between OEMs and utility providers. JVs have been announced for high volume manufacturing, due to come online within the next five years, further strengthening the SOFC market within specific target markets.
In this webinar, Dr. Conor O'Brien, a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, will discuss the key application areas driving the SOFC market, SOFC technology trends, as well as the scope of the supply chain within the industry.
This webinar will:
Discuss the key applications for a solid oxide fuel cell, including the argument for utilising SOFC technology against competing solutions, and an overview of combined heat and power (CHP) operation
Highlight innovations in materials, manufacturing processes, and fuel choices for solid oxide fuel cells
Outline movement of major players in the SOFC market, including the driving forces behind the market today
Overview the solid oxide fuel cell market within the context of the broader fuel cell market, with consideration given to electrolysers
More details and ten-year market forecasts can be found in IDTechEx's comprehensive report "Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 2023-2033: Technology, Applications and Market Forecasts". These forecasts are based on extensive research of the SOFC market including OEMs, technology providers and end users. IDTechEx highlight the benefits and drawbacks of SOFC technology for each major application area, benchmark competing solutions and outline emerging market trends together with granular ten-year forecasts and company profiles.

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Date: Thursday 1 June 2023
Duration: Approx. 30 Minutes
Webinar #1: Asia-Pacific
9:00am (UTC+8) Singapore, Taipei, Beijing
9:00am (UTC+8) Australian Western Standard Time
10:00am (UTC+9) Tokyo, Seoul
10:30am (UTC+10.30) Australian Central Time
11:00am (UTC+11) Australian Eastern Time
1:00pm (UTC+13) Auckland, New Zealand
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Webinar #2: Europe
10:00am (UTC) London
11:00am (UTC+1) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome
12:00noon (UTC+2) Athens, Jerusalem
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Webinar #3: Americas
9:00am (Pacific Time PT) USA & Canada
10:00am (Mountain MST) USA & Canada
11:00am (Central CST) USA & Canada
12:00noon (Eastern EST) USA & Canada
5:00pm (UTC) London
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